12 What are the exceptions to making data open?

Free and unrestricted access is considered a rule in the Brazilian Information Act. There are a few exceptions, and all of them are described in the text of the law and state decree. They are the following:

Safety of society and the State

Information for which confidentiality is considered essential for the safety of society and the State are considered as exceptions, as well as scientific and technological research for this purpose, and State secrets. It is data that, if disclosed, might:

Endanger national defense and sovereignty or the integrity of national territory.

Harm Brazil's international relations or disclose information of a confidential nature that has been provided to the government by other countries.

Jeopardize the life, safety, or health of the population.

Create a high risk of financial, economic, or monetary instability in Brazil.

Put at risk the safety of foreign authorities in the country.

Compromise ongoing research or inspection activities related to prevention or prosecution of offenses.

Personal information

This is information related to an identified or identifiable natural person concerning intimacy, privacy, honor, and image, as well as individual freedoms and guarantees. Telephone numbers, identity cards, driver's licenses, taxpayer numbers, bank statements, etc. are information that can identify people and is therefore confidential.