27 Level 1

The first level of complexity is for agencies that want to start their open data efforts and do not have a very large number of databases. In such cases, a single IT professional is capable of managing the location where the databases will be made available.

An agency that has less than 100 databases to publish on the Web can configure a standard web server, hosting the documents on the server itself or a cloud storage service. The databases must have their description (also known as "metadata") embedded in the page where they are published and allow the use of existing search tools such as Google's custom search.

It is not necessary to configure an automatic update routine for the databases; the data can be manually sent with the support of the agency's IT staff. It is recommended that a comment system be included on the database page in order to encourage suggestions and criticisms from consumers who access the databases.


Set up a site using a standard web server.

Host data directly on the server (or using a cloud hosting service).

Metadata embedded in the page itself where the databases are displayed.

Set up a search on the site with existing tools such as Google's custom search.

Manual updating of data, metadata, and content with support of the IT staff.

Include a comment system on the database pages to receive suggestions.