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The third stage of the five-star system is similar to the second, but includes another requirement: The structured files available on the Web under an open license must be created in a non-proprietary format. Instead of a document in .xlsx format created by Excel proprietary software, for example, the option would be to use CSV, a structured format that does not depend on manipulation of proprietary software.

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Agencies that reach three-star open data will offer citizens all the benefits of two stars, as well as allow anyone to download and manipulate the data in the most convenient way without requiring a specific application.

The publisher should pay attention to the necessary converters and plug-ins to export the data from the proprietary format into an open format. The entire publishing process remains fairly simple, since it only means providing documents in an open format on the Web, distributed with an open license.

With three stars, anyone can easily use the data, but this information can be made available in formats that allow even more interaction between systems and facilitate sharing.