31 Terms of use of SP Open Government

The government of São Paulo already has a central data portal called Governo Aberto SP (SP Open Government). The terms of use are based on open principles and can serve as a model for preparing open licenses, with minor adjustments depending on the needs of each agency and their suitability to the open data precepts of this guide. Briefly, the terms of use of SP Open Government are the following:

1. Any person or company can use the data.

2. There are no established restrictions on the use of data.

3. The government ensures the authenticity and integrity of the data, and that it is up-to-date, only for data downloaded in the SP Open Government portal.

4. In order to reuse the data, consumers must quote the original source of the data (public agency), disclosing that the data was accessed using SP Open Government. Also, the following declaration must be added: "SP Open Government and the agency or entity from which the data were extracted do not guarantee its authenticity, quality, integrity, or whether it is up-to-date after being made available for secondary use".

5. Consumers are responsible for the secondary use of data, exempting the state.

6. A condition for accessing the data is knowing and accepting the rules.