20 Resumiendo las 5 estrellas

The five stars of open data serve as a serious and objective guideline in relation to the objectives of each public agency for opening its databases. Summarizing:


Publish databases on the Web (whatever format) under an open license

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Publish databases in a structured format under an open license

(e.g., Excel file instead of a scanned image)

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Use non-proprietary formats and an open license

(e.g., CSV file instead of Excel)

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Use URIs to denote things, so that anyone can point to them

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Link your data to other databases to provide context

In view of the recommendations of the system developed by Tim Berners-Lee, the "Open Data Plan" can be developed taking into account the following:


When preparing to open its databases, the agency must choose which databases, or which parts of them, should be opened. If deployment is guided by the five star scheme for open data, the technical and human challenges to achieving the various star levels should be taken into account.

Maybe some of the databases are already ready to be published on the Internet in a structured and open format under an open license (three stars); others might only be in closed and not structured formats but can be placed on the website under an open license (one star).

The scope will help map which databases can be opened and which star category they will fall under. The number of stars will depend on the technical and human resources available to the agency.


After defining the open data scope in relation to the number of stars you want each of the databases to meet, the team responsible for opening the databases must ask some questions in order to establish publishing priority for these databases.

Which databases can be published immediately? With how many stars?

Which databases will need to have some work done before they are published?

Which databases will be published in the long run?

What is the minimum star category that the agency wants all its published databases to meet?

The interested parties

You should also consider which areas of the agency (boards, coordinating committees, departments, etc.) will be part of the opening data process, considering the number of stars you want the databases to achieve. Each area should be responsible for providing the data it produces in formats that conform to the number of stars defined in the scope of the open plan.